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After you have accepted your place on the transplant waiting list, the preparation can begin! Here at Heartwood Hospital we want your transplant and aftercare to go as smoothly as possible. Here is a handy list of things you should attend to prior, as well as the things we will do for you! 

What you should do

While you wait for your transplant, you should ensure all previous vaccinations are up to date.

What we will do

If any additional vaccinations are required, we will write to your GP and inform them.

Should you condition worsen, contact your doctor, and us at once. If you have any other concerns, do not hesitate to call your transplant co-ordinator.

We will ask the doctor who referred you to see us to keep a close eye on you. It is important that you see them on a regular basis and continue on the medications you are prescribed.

Before you’re put on the active list, you must visit your dentist and ensure all dental work that is required is completed. Once this is done, you need to inform your transplant co-ordinator.

We will send a letter to your General Practitioner detailing what mouthwashes you will need to take pre and post transplant. They will supply them.


If you are a woman you should immediately stop taking the oral contraceptive pill and should not use the coil. Other forms of contraception are advised.

Maintain a healthy diet! Being healthy is extremely important both pre and post op. Eating healthily will ensure you make a quick recovery and also help to protect your future heart.

If in the unfortunate circumstance you contract an infection while on the waiting list, you must inform your transplant co-ordinator right away. Generally, we cannot operate on you if you have an active infection.