What you will need

So you’ve finally received the call from your transplant co-ordinator, you’re ready to come to Heartwood. Remember, don’t panic, but be prompt, you will have to leave the house pretty quickly. The ambulance may only take between a quarter and a half an hour to pick you up, so make sure your bags are packed and you’re ready to go!


It’s important that you’re as comfortable as possible during your stay with us. Make sure to bring your pyjamas or night dresses as well as your dressing gown and slippers, don’t worry, you won’t have to buy new ones! Also, make sure you bring a change of casual clothes, might we suggest tracksuits, and comfortable shoes. Your feet may be swollen during the operation so make sure your slippers and shoes aren’t too tight.


Hygiene is always important, even more so during your stay in Heartwood. We want you in your best condition after all. We suggest you bring a towel, razor and a toiletries bag containing all the essentials; a new toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, anything you would typically take on a trip.


While we’ll be doing everything we can to help you, there will be some down time during your stay. Make sure you bring something to keep you entertained and occupied, might we suggest a tablet, kindle or books. Nothing beats reading a good book.​


Although entirely optional, we suggest you try to bring a digital centigrade thermometer with you during your stay on the ward. These can be very useful in taking your temperature, as our staff won’t be monitoring you personally 24/7.

Don't Forget!

Last but not least, bring whatever spare medication you have at home for you and your carer. Also, if you’re bringing a mobile phone with you, make sure you bring the charger for it with you! You’ll be making lots of calls to friends and family and you won’t be able to do that with a flat battery!